BCx Treadz Extreme Treadmill Workout

fitness magazine treadmill workoutFitness Magazine calls Steve’s treadmill Workout a “Calorie Scorcher”.

Dust off your old treadmill! BCx Treadz™ will bring your treadmill back to life and work your body in ways you never imagined! With our BCx Treadz™ exercises, you can tone your entire body with our innovative and extremely effective weight-bearing treadmill exercises.

4 Downloadable Workout Videos Starting at Only $9.99 each

Steve PfiesterCreated by BCx Boot Camp trainer, Steve Pfiester. BCx Treadz™ is creative treadmill training, using the slow, safe pace of the belt to pace your workouts, challenge your fitness and transform your physique.

If you thought treadmill workouts were boring, think again! Our 4-part video series will teach you how to make the most of your treadmill to tone specific body parts while burning fat.

Our 4 Insane BCx Treadz Workouts

#1 BCx Treadz Cardio Segment takes you through a series of heart-pumping fat-melting Treadz exercises that will leave you drenched. Get it now!

#2 BCx Treadz Conditioning Segment is boot camp on a treadmill designed to get you in the best physical condition possible, increasing stamina, strength and power. Get it now!

#3 BCx Treadz Lower Body Strength Segment focuses on sculpting and strengthening the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and core, while burning loads of fat too! Get it now!

#4 BCx Treadz Upper Body Strength Segment tones and strengthening the upper body including chest, shoulders, arms and core, while melting fat and trimming your waistline. Get it now!

4 Videos, Endless Workouts

BCx Treadz Treadmill WorkoutUsing all 4 BCx segments, you can create a wide variety of workouts and programs by using different combinations of the 4 segments. For instance, do Cardio & Conditioning to burn a ton of a calories and work your cardiovascular system. Do the Lower Body Workout and Conditioning workout for an intense fat-burning and lower body sculpting workout. Do the Lower Body and Upper Body Workout for a killer full body workout, or do the Upper Body and Cardio for another great workout combination.

BCx Treadz not only offers you an effecitve template to follow, it opens your eyes to a whole new world of fitness on your treadmill. Once you go through all 4 programs, you will have a library of exercises you can add to your traditional treadmill training. Your treadmill training will never be the same.

Be prepared to be challenged, amazed, excited, and transformed!

CLICK HERE to download BCx Treadz workout videos.


Treadmill Featured in BCx Treadz workout video is by Sole Fitness.