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Take your workout to the Max with this Conditioning workout…



Upper Body Treadmill ExerciseBCx Conditioning – BCx Treadz, created by Steve Pfiester, is one of a kind treadmill training! This intense 20-minute conditioning workout uses a variety of traditional, and untraditional Treadz exercises, strategically designed to get your heart rate up and tone your body. Do the workout alone, for a quick conditioning workout, or do it in combination with one of our other BCx Treadz videos for a customized workout to fit your needs. Get out your towel, because this workout will leave you sopping wet for sure!

BCx Conditioning offers 3 downloads, so you can have it where every you go – whether you use your smart phone, tablet and favorite computer!

Watch this video for more information on BCx Treadz:

Suggested Training Schedule:

Monday: BCx Lower Body & BCx Conditioning
Tuesday: BCx Upper Body & BCx Cardio
Wednesday: Rest or do a light cardio
Thursday: BCx Lower Body & BCx Conditioning
Friday: BCx Upper Body & BCx Cardio
Extra Weekend Workout (optional): BCx Conditioning &/or BCx Cardio

Treadmill Featured in BCx Treadz workout video is by Sole Fitness


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