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BCx Boot Camp


BCx stands for Boot Camp Xtreme – because we believe fitness should always be a CHALLENGE if you want a CHANGE. We’ve put thousands through our BCx program, and now have an innovative way to bring BCx into your home!

BCx Treadz is simply BCx Boot Camp on a treadmill. Created by BCx Boot Camp Founder and Trainer, Steve Pfiester, BCx Treadz™ is creative treadmill training using the slow, safe pace of the belt to pace your workouts, challenge your fitness, and transform your physique.

The Inspiring Story How Treadz Began 

BCx Treadz

The workout began when Steve was working with a sweet little girl named Mia, who had a stroke after going into a diabetic coma, leaving her partially paralyzed. After a lot of rehab, her mom brought her to Steve to help her improve her walk and mobility. Since she hated walking on the treadmill, Steve decided to come up with ways to make the treadmill more fun for her. Skateboard lunges were born.

Steve realized she probably wasn’t the only one that thought walking on a treadmill was boring so he began to experiment. Steve put various clients of all shapes, ages and fitness levels through the treadz moves to see how people liked it. They all had one response – WOW! Not only was it challenging, it helped them make better use of their old boring treadmill.

This is some of the very first video footage of Steve going through his new BCx Treadz exercises.


Steve & Bonnie PfiesterBonnie and Steve Pfiester have worked in the fitness industry for 16 of their 20 years of marriage. Coined “The Dynamic Duo” by fitness industry leaders, the Pfiesters run fitness facilities and boot camp programs in Vero Beach, Florida – and now are helping people across the globe.

In addition to running their gym and boot camp program locally, they create fitness content for various national fitness brands including Reebok, GNC, Sears, Designer Whey, Detour Bar and DualFit.


Steve PfiesterNamed as one of America’s Top Trainers by Shape Magazine and as seen in Fitness Magazine, Steve is known for his creative, intense and effective workouts. Steve made his national trainer debut on national television as the was co-host and trainer on ABC’s weight-loss reality show Fat March and on VH1′s Bridal Bootcamp. He currently leads live workouts at LiveExercise.com, also available on Roku.

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Bonnie PfiesterWhile Steve transforms bodies, Bonnie offers the support, education, and encouragement clients need to get the most out of their training. Quoted in Women’s Health, Fitness and Oxygen Magazine, Bonnie’s desire is to inspire people to be their very best. She has dedicated her life to spreading fitness through her blog, www.PFITblog.com and daily posts using social media.

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