BCx Treadz Treadmill Workout

“Why are these exercises more beneficial on a treadmill if you can do them on the ground?” 

BCx Treadz exercises are much more challenging on a treadmill. The constant pace of the belt moving sets your training pace so you don’t slow down. In essence, the belt acts as your trainer, pushing you to keep going when your body may want to quit.

“BCx Treadz looks too hard for me. Can someone do BCx Treadz if they are out of shape?”

BCx Treadz Treadmill WorkoutYES! Steve has put clients of all shapes, sizes and ages through BCx Treadz workouts. All he asks is for you to try. The more you do it, the stronger you will get and the more comfortable you will get on your treadmill. If there is a move you are not strong enough to do yet, or are not comfortable doing, simply do the exercise on the floor until you build strength and confidence.

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BCx Treadz looks great, but I’m afraid to try some of the exercises.

Most of the exercises are done between 0.5 – 1.5 miles an hour. In addition, most of the Treadz exercises can be done on the floor. If you are afraid of getting hurt, simply move to the floor to complete the exercise. Then, practice each exercise on the treadmill at a very slow pace. Increase pace as you get more comfortable.

BCx Treadz

Could I get hurt?

Since the average belt pace for each workout is between 0.5 – 1.5 miles an hour and the average person walks at 3.5 miles an hour, falling would not be much different than falling while walking. We recommend using the safety landyard when possible, and having someone with you when you first try the exercises just for added support.

Will You Offer More BCx Treadz Workouts?

BCx Treadz Treadmill WorkoutThat is our goal. We want to continue to grow our workout library so you have more workouts to choose from. If the 4 workouts we offer now, you can create various workouts based on which workouts you choose and how often you do them. For instance, you may do Cardio & Conditioning on one day to burn a ton of a calories and work your cardiovascular system. Do the Lower Body Workout and Conditioning workout for an intense fat-burning and lower body sculpting workout. Do the Lower Body and Upper Body Workout for a killer full body workout, or do the Upper Body and Cardio for another great workout combination.

BCx Treadz not only offers you an effecitve template to follow, it opens your eyes to a whole new world of fitness on your treadmill. Once you go through all 4 programs, you will have a library of exercises you can add to your traditional treadmill training. Your treadmill training will never be the same.